Saturday, October 22, 2011

Recorded Copies of Genealogy Webinars

I've made digital recordings of several of my recent genealogy webinars, including:

  • Brick Walls from A to Z
  • Pig Blood in the Snow-Court Records
  • Beginning Land Records in Public Land States
  • Seeing the Patterns: Organizing Your Information
  • Barbara's Beaus and Gesche's Girls
  • Determining Your Own Migration Chain/Trail.
Copies can be ordered here at a reasonable rate--handout included. 

Read and Use Descriptions with Care

At the time of this writing the Illinois State Deaths and Stillbirths Index from 1916 to 1947 at contained a description indicating the database was only for Cook County records. It is statewide. This blog post discussed the error in more detail.

Take care with database descriptions. They were written by humans.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Almost Seeing the Card Images of Civil War and Later Pensions at Fold3

You can almost see the card image from the Civil War and Later Pensions at When you click on the "little" view, the card is partially legible--usually. The regiment and unit are displayed in the text and that would really be enough to order the pension from the National Archives.

A search for rampley brought up the following results in the Civil War and Later Pensions at Fold3.

Clicking on the "Quick Look" pulled up the image below:
On this "quick look" the name of the pensioner, and the state and unit can be seen...all without a membership.