Monday, May 23, 2011

Casefile Clues for Beginners

For those who missed it, we're starting a "lite" version of Casefile Clues in June--Casefile Clues for Beginners. It will be less in-depth than Casefile Clues and geared to those who have not been researching a long time or feel they've missed the basics. I'll be writing some of the content, but will be including writing from others as well.

We'll talk about the basics of sources and we'll also look at ways to carefully interact with compiled information others have submitted. Hopefully we can help you to avoid some of those brick walls that we all face--it's impossible to avoid every brick wall. We won't tell you to avoid the online trees altogether--that's unrealistic. But we will tell you how not to confuse yourself even more with them.

Casefile Clues for Beginners will be distributed twice a month--in PDF format. For more information see our blog post

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