Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Viewing Civil War Pension Index Free at Footnote

A paid account at is not required to view the Civil War and Later Pension Index at An account is required to view the image of the card.

However, using the index, even without an account, will tell you the unit and name of the man/woman who received a pension. That's enough to order the pension from the National Archives.

If you've never played with the index before, give it a try. If you're not certain you are navigating correctly, experiment with Company D of the 78th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. (click on Illinois, then infantry, then regiment 78, then company D, waiting every time and then waiting for the names to load).

You should see:

  • Riley Rampley
  • John Rampley, his brother
  • Eli Short (who testified in Riley's pension)
  • Milford Maulove (actually Wilford Manlove, who testified in Riley's pension). 
If you have difficulty, post a response here. To see the cards, you need a membership. To see the index you don't. At least when this post was written (grin!).

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