Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Does Google Search It and Differently?

I don't have an answer, just an observation I stumbled upon today.

I searched for "T M Trautvetter" at Google and received the results below:
One entry in the Clewiston News at the University of Florida's Newspaper collection.

I went to the University's site directly to search directly for "trautvetter," hoping to get additional results. Interesting thing was that I didn't get this result--just two others.

I don't have an immediate answer. I searched for a few OCR variants of Trautvetter, but none of those located it either.

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  1. I taught in Starke half a century ago. As I recall it was a nice little town. The Library of Congress has older issues of the Bradford Telegraph as well as newspapers from other cities. Thanks for the link to the University's newspaper collection.