Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Finding A Frame

I've been searching for individuals with the last name of Frame on Genealogybank recently in an attempt to locate something on the family in Chicago.

This is one last name (like many) that is difficult to search for because the last name has a meaning outside of being a last name and is a common word.

I've had some success using the family's residence in the Pullman or Kensington area of Chicago as additional keyword search parameters.

Other than locations and first names, does anyone have suggestions for searching for common names in databases such as this? I've also restricted my search to Illinois newspapers as well.


  1. I've had some success using the the form of search terms "genealogy Frame" (w/t quotes) in Google advanced search and adding a date range. It is important to use the capitol letter "F." Although the usual tips say caps aren't necessary, I think it gives the search algorithm an edge when it comes to common versus proper nouns.

  2. Just be thankful the name isn't "Camp."