Thursday, March 26, 2015

County and State Classifications of Records

Some items on FamilySearch may be listed as either statewide or local records using the name of the county.

This cataloging system does not mean that the state created the records in the database that contains only the state's name. Always read the description for more details on where the records were obtained.

My personal preference is to use those with the county name in the title as they are more likely to be digital images of actual records.

Usually--not always.


  1. Some state collections have state, county, and statewide county records. Example is Alabama. There is "Alabama Marriages" (index only), and "Alabama, County Marriages, 1809-1950" (index and images). Although you can browse the latter record, they are not grouped by counties, so it is difficult to see which counties they have records for.

  2. That's right, Lisa. It really pays to make certain you've looked at everything FamilySearch may have online as there maybe several different "titles" that include the exact same records (or in some cases, one set for county copies of the records and another set for state copies of the records).