Saturday, November 26, 2011

Do Keyword Searches At Need Caps or Exact or What?

I'll be honest---internet searching has made me lazy with capital letters, often times the case of the letter is ignored. 

I'm searching the 1860 census at nationwide for a William and Matilda Rhodus for an upcoming Casefile Clues article. For reasons that aren't really germane to this post, I searched for William Rhodes as shown below with a keyword of "matilda." This would catch households that had a William Rhodes and a Matilda. I had the exact box checked as shown in this post.

The search came up empty, although I knew there was at least one household in Breckinridge County, Kentucky with a William Rhodus and a Matilda in it as I had already found it.

Yet there were "no results."

When I changed the keyword to "Matilda"I still got no result.

Putting Matilda Rhodus in the keyword box worked with exact checked.
Moral of the story--on the keyword uncheck exact.
And experiment.

We may have additional posts on this topic.

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