Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Steady Sledd in 1852-Ancestry.com Indexes Do Not Equate to FamilySearch

Don't always assume that Ancestry.com and FamilySearch are using the "same index." The indexes to the same materials could have been created separately. They do NOT share indexes.

A good example of this was a search I recently conducted for Joshua Sledd in the 1852 California Census

The California 1852 State Census at Ancestry.com transcribed his last name as Stedd--as shown in the image below:

FamilySearch indexed the name as Sledd as shown:

It is easy to see how the name was read in both ways when one sees the image.

And the whole reason for the post?

I found Joshua in the 1852 Census index on FamilySearch--which does not have the images.

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