Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Recording of "Using 'Old Search' at Ancestry.com"

We've uploaded our recorded webinar and PDF handout for "Using the Old Search at Ancestry.com" which was completed today. Your order can be processed here for only $2.25.We discuss toggling back and forth between new and old search and some of the features of the old search and reasons why I continue to use it.

The webinar doesn't show my face--instead you hear my voice and see the screen as I perform searches. Fortunately the computer and internet were working well for me today. Obviously to do the searches yourself, you'll need your own Ancestry.com account. We kept the price low on this one to make it affordable for those who've been confused about "old search."

Registered attendees for today's webinar who missed it can get the download at no charge--just email me.


  1. Michael,
    Perhaps it would be a nice holiday gift to give this item free to those who of us who have been patiently waiting for you to meet your commitment to produce a twice monthly Beginner Clues series. Here it is December and I have only received 6. It has been over a month since the last one.

  2. I would be happy to do that and thank everyone for their patience. Subscribers to Casefile Clues Beginners can email me at michael.john.neill@gmail.com and let me know which webinar they'd like and I'll send a complimentary download (as a windows media file). I would use a coupon code, but those are difficult to restrict.

    The list of webinars is here:


    Download links are good for 24 hours--if yours expires before you get to use it, just let me know and I'll send another.

  3. We'll mention this in the cover letter for the next issue that goes out. Thanks for the suggestion. It was a good one.