Sunday, January 1, 2012

Search More Than One Catalog

I like to use WorldCat to search for books--remember that the book you need may be in unexpected places. Also remember that the Family History Library doesn't have everything and that no library can have every published reference.

A search on WorldCat for the Roots of the Family Fecht, indicated that only four libraries had it. I was not surprised the Library of Congress had it and the one Florida library was near where the compiler lived. The family had no New England connections, so I was surprised that the New England Historic Genealogical Society had it. The Alabama State University was also a surprise for a similar reason. WorldCat doesn't know that I have a copy in my office.

One never knows where a book will be--use WorldCat to search as many library card catalogs as you can.

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  1. WorldCat often doesn't show specialty libraries, historical society libraries, college libraries or local/state archives. It doesn't show Family History Centers. There are lots of repositories not on WorldCat. I particularly like my local college library for its JSTOR access. I've found funky old compilations from all sorts of unexpected sources on dusty shelves. My family was mentioned in a Master's thesis a college librarian sent me.