Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What Does the Database Really Include?

One of the complaints I have about the databases at FamilySearch is that one really does not always know what one is searching even after one sees the actual images of the record. A search on Ohio County Marriages 1790-1950 pulled up two references to this Chaney-Arnold marriage in 1842. The double entry is not, as some believe, because there are two spellings for the last name of the bride.

There are two references because one entry was created from the actual marriage record and the other was pulled from the marriage register. The name of the bride was spelled differently, but the entries were created from separate materials--although the register entry was likely created from the marriage record.

Even looking at the images it's not clear where the images are from--the record book, series, etc. I only knew because I've used the films of the records and have done quite a bit of work with actual marriage records in their original form. Always try and determine where the original came from. In this case, it is not really clear immediately.

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  1. I have also found this confusing. The point is well taken that researchers need to go another step or two in looking at the film of the actual records. Very good advise!