Saturday, January 7, 2012

Using 1920 Census on

It is unindexed, but it is free and you can download entire microfilm rolls as PDF files--something you cannot do at paid websites.

I find difficult to navigate so we will be posting some instructions to get to specific materials on teh site.

To get to a specific roll of 1920 US census microfilm, visit this page to get the roll number:

(you'll need to pick the state you need).

You need the roll number and a word or two from the title--county is a good idea--to perform the search.

Tallapoosa County, Alabama, is roll 43 and 44.

My search for this county is:
14th census population tallapoosa 043

Roll numbers for film on are usually 3 or 4 digits. "14th census population" pulls up the 1920 census.

My search for:
14th census population tallapoosa 044 did NOT pull up the roll 44 for Tallapoosa County because Tallapoosa is spelled incorrectly.

It might take a little experimentation--but all the 1920 films are there.

14th census of population

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