Friday, April 13, 2012

Creating Research Plans and Preparing for Mother's Death

Creating Research Plans Webinar

My webinar on "Creating Research Plans" has just been processed and is ready for download. I discuss how to create your research plans, how to set goals, how to not set goals, when you are proving and when you are not, and other key concepts. Of course, we have a few charts as well. Our attempt is to be down-to-earth and practical. I realize that most genealogists are not going to write journal articles, however our research needs to be as thorough as possible and our analysis and method well-thought out or we're not going to get the best possible story on great-great-grandma that there is. This presentation is geared towards intermediate researchers, but advanced beginners might get some benefit from it as well.

The presentation and handout can be downloaded from our vendor for $8.50. The download link is live for 24 hours after your purchase, but the presentation can be viewed as many times as you want after the download.

All our older webinars can be ordered here.

Preparing for Mother's Death Webinar

We've just released the recorded webinar and handout for my latest presentation, "Preparing For Mother's Death."

It's not quite what you might think.

This presentation discusses an 1889 will that was denied in 1900 with no stated reasons. An exhaustive search of records resulted in the likely reason and made the machinations of one son a little easier to see and made the reasons behind some documents a little more clear.

Along the way we discuss a few key terms and also see why chronology and context are always important--especially so when things are confusing.

You can purchase the handout and presentation for $8.50. You'll be sent a download link that has to be used in 24 hours. The file can be viewed as many times as you want---it's just that you have to download it within 24 hours.

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